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Welcome to my brand new blog. Here you will find all latest information about concerts, latest projects and more.


The Royal Conservatory, salsa, and more...

Wow, just when I thought things would ease down a little bit, a whole lot of things happened all at once, and it didn't give me any time go update my website so here it goes! I'm very proud to tell you guys that since yesterday I'm a jazz combo teacher at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague! It's a really strange but nice feeling to get back to the school where I studied once, and to be there in a totally different role. The combo is very international, from Greece to Iceland, and a joy to work with.

Last week I also joined one of the best and longest existing latin sessions in Holland in De Pater, a really small and dark cafe downtown The Hague. I used to visit those sessions back in the day almost every Thursday, and never dared playing there. But now, after four months of lessons and practice, it was about time... And it was big fun! I'm gonna do this way more often because it's the only way to learn. To see some of the heavy cats I played with, check this video featuring my piano teacher Thomas Böttcher, Adinda on the bass, and conguero Jens Kerkhoff.

And to end this week in a party mood, March 11 will start with a Triplicate feature on the Radio 6 program Jazz in the Morning, after which I will perform at the Pavlov jazz club with New York based saxophonist David Glasser (Clark Terry, Count Basie Orchestra) and one of Holland's finest drummers Hans van Oosterhout! Needless to say, I'm a happy camper!

Two upcoming radio gigs!
It's been quiet for a while, you might think...
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