Today I'm very proud to announce the release of Edwin Pennock's latest single from the album Who I Am, which made it to the title "Strepenmeester" on the Dutch Radio 2 program Strepen van Spits!

This single features me on the Fender Rhodes and a fantastic horn section with Jan van Duikeren (Gare du Nord), Arjan Muusz and Martijn Sohier. Edwin Pennock about his new single: "My new single 'Save their souls' is out today! In my humble opinion Valentine's Day is not only about showing how much you care about your closest loved ones, but also about showing some compassion for the less fortunate! Enjoy & pass on the message! Happy Valentine everyone!"

Listen to the single on SoundCloud, listen to De Strepen van Spits, or download the whole album from the iTunes Music Store!