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Welcome to my brand new blog. Here you will find all latest information about concerts, latest projects and more.


It's been quiet for a while, you might think...


So, here we are. The last time I blogged was somewhere in March, so you might think: hey, what's up with that? Well, I've been busy outlining a few things for myself, and of course there's all the stuff going on with the projects I'm already in.

Equinox for instance, is starting to get on a roll! The band went to Ireland in February and now the video material is appearing in my mailbox, and I promise you: it's gonna be amazing! Plus we will make a live CD-recording at Pavlov on July 17 and 18, so don't miss out on that! And to finish things off we just had a photoshoot yesterday with Piet Gispen which was a blast. Piet knows how to make the greatest jazz portraits! An experience we enjoyed when taking the Triplicate press pictures. (Must learn how to upload photos to my new site...) Now that I mentioned Triplicate... A new project is in the making, but that's still a secret so don't tell anyone! Let's just say that when you think everything is quiet, it's really not...

The Royal Conservatory, salsa, and more...
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