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Welcome to my brand new blog. Here you will find all latest information about concerts, latest projects and more.


David Berkman

After a ridiculous trip, in which I felt like the starring role of a Jacques Tati movie, I finally arrived at Queens College for my second piano lesson. This time with David Berkman. I told him what things I'd like to do, and he came directly to business. How do I say this? I think I have practice material for, let's say, five years now! An enormous amount of ideas for, mostly, rhythmical practice. I'm so glad I taped it! Also his tips about composition I will take with me, and it really makes me feel like working! I went to New York to get my ass kicked, and I got what I wanted. Thanks a million, Dave!

As if I hadn't gotten enough information, I went to see George Coleman at Smoke (and had a really nice southern style catfish for dinner). George Coleman sure likes to surprise his band members (Harold Mabern - p, Doug Weiss - b, Al Foster - d), and Al Foster is such a master of finesse and creativity!

Off to the Jazz Standard, a club that is not really my cup of tea, but the concert with John Abercrombie (g), Gary Versace (Hammond), and Adam Nussbaum (d) was a real treat.

To finish the day, I went into the much dirtier and grittier Fat Cat to see Jeremy Manasia and his fellows. Me and Jeremy studied at the same conservatory back in the day, and it was a joy to hear him play!

Barry Harris
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